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We are a family of restless farmers who have lived in the Serra Gaúcha for five generations. Our path was built with simplicity, enthusiasm and persistence. Hugo Pietro, our patriarch, taught us that loving what you do is the only way to build a transformative and lasting legacy.


In 2005, inspired by a spectacular harvest, we started a small production of handmade juices, the quality caught clients´ attention and in a few weeks, we sold the entire production. As optimists, we saw a prosperous path and we decided to move on. We had difficult, uncertain days, challenges that seemed insurmountable, but fate was kind to our effort. We are very lucky to be able to realize this dream.


We did not get here alone, we have a talented team and more than 250 families of producers who provide us with their fruits. Together, we work hard to produce pure and tasty food that preserve the vitality of the ingredients and establish a sustainable connection with the ecosystem. Whether in pruning, harvesting or at any stage of preparation, we dedicate ourselves to the maximum to surpass standards and do the best with what nature provides us.


Eating well is an attitude of valuing time, caring for ourselves and people next to us. A better future calls for more respect and commitment in our interactions. We invite you to experience the extraordinary values ​​that have done us good for over 140 years.


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